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Removing all garbage songs and abominations from my profile.

2013-11-03 18:05:23 by TrixiesTale

Removing all abominations from my music playlist. Seriously why did Joker have 13 downloads? Seriously what is wrong with you for downloading it? It is the worst song I have ever heard in my entire life. Like if someone sat down, and tried to make the worst possible song ever made, they could not make it this bad if they tried. Its just so strange and creepy and cringeworthy. It is the only song I ever heard that deserves a negative score. I dont know why I even relased it, or thought it was good, I must have been possesed by demons or something, as Adagio would say about a certain Sonata, it is litterally the worst.

Same with my other mediocre crap, the internet doesn't need that shit, its flooded with garbage as is. Any song under 4 stars I'm deleting permanently.